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Trauma and PTSD

It is now recognised that Trauma and PTSD can be experienced by anybody.  

It can be due to a specific incident or event which is replaying and/or still impacting in some way.  It could be something from the past which feels like it is still intruding in the present and having an effect on your life today.  It could be an accumulation of events or circumstances that seem to 'trigger' one another - you may be aware of this but unsure what to do about it.

I offer Trauma Focused CBT which is a 6 to 8 session programme of counselling.  It is recognised and widely used by the emergency services and has been shown to be highly supportive to anyone suffering from trauma related impact.

I regularly provide these sessions to members of police forces around the country and also to groups who have been involved in traumatic incidents.

Trauma and PTSD: About Me
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